Taking and giving permission



Sometimes we have to take or give permission for something. Here are some sentences.

Have a look-

May I ask you a question?  

You may ask me a question.   

May Harish play this instrument?   

Harish may play this instrument.  

May Smita take leave now?   

Smita may take leave now.  

May they participate in volleyball match?  

They may participate in volleyball match.  

May she come with us?  

She may come with us.  

Can I go now?  

You can go now.  

Can they join with us?  

They can join with us.  

Can we stay here for a night?  

You can stay here for a night. 

Can she draw a picture on that paper?  

She can draw a picture on that paper.  

Can my mother come with me?  

Your mother can come with you. 


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