Lessons of the course- Advanced

Part 49-

Grammar-     Use of was in continuous

Use of was in a negative continuous sentence

Vocabulary- Parts of trees     

Discussion-  About the weather   ( shifted)

 Homework – Homework for part-49  About television  (to shift in Advanced)

About travel   (to shift in Advanced)

Part 50-

Grammar- Was continuous questions

Use of was affirmative answers  

Was continuous negative answers              

Vocabulary- Words for musical instruments

Discussion- Discussion with mother and son

 Homework – Homework for part-50

Part 51-

Grammar- use of were

Were- negative sentences

Vocabulary- Words for insects        (to  check)

Discussion- Speaking for knowing the way

 Homework – Homework for part-51

Part 52-

Grammar-  Were questions

Vocabulary- Words for reptiles 

Discussion- To purchase a present

 Homework – Homework for part-52

Part 53-

Grammar- Use of shall be in future continuous action

                                                     negative sentences   

Vocabulary- Words for warfare

Discussion- Discussion about entertainment

 Homework – Homework for part-53

Part 54-

Grammar- use of shall be questions   

affirmative answers

negative answers

Vocabulary- Words for minerals

Discussion- Speaking with the guest

 Homework – Homework for part-54

Part 55-

Grammar- use of will be in continuous action

negative sentences      

Vocabulary- Words for jewels

Discussion- Speaking at the bus stop              

 Homework – Homework for part-55

Part 56-

Grammar- use of will be in questions   

affirmative answers

negative answers

Vocabulary- Words for buildings     

Discussion- Discussion between mother and class teacher

 Homework – Homework for part-56

Part 57-

Grammar- Use of ‘do’ as main verb

negative sentences

Vocabulary- Words for household articles  *** Words for ornaments

Discussion- To book a room in a hotel       

Homework – Homework for part-57

Part 58-

Grammar-Use of do questions

certainty of description  

Vocabulary- Words pertaining to money

Discussion- First day at the college campus                             

 Homework – Homework for part-58

Part 59-

Grammar- Use of ‘does’ as main verb

negative sentences

Vocabulary- Words for workers

Discussion- Speaking  at the railway station       

 Homework – Homework for part-59

Part 60-

Grammar- use of does to ask questions

certainty of description

Vocabulary- Words for jobs

Discussion- Talking on phone    *****

 Homework – Homework for part-60