At the library

A girl is preparing for a competitive exam to acquire the administrative job. She is in need of the required books. So, she has come to the library. There is a discussion between the librarian and a girl.

Have a look

  • Girl: Excuse me! I want some books.
  • Assistant Librarian: Are you a member of this library?
  • Girl: No, but I want to be a member. I got the information that this library has all the books I need.
  • Assistant Librarian: Yes, of course. (You got the right information.) We have a lot of books. You can get all types of books in this library.
  • Girl: Yes, that’s why I came here to be a member of this library. Can you tell me what the procedure is required?
  • Assistant librarian: Please go to the cabin. There is our librarian, meet him. He will explain the procedure to you. 
  • Girl: Ok, thanks

(goes to the librarian)

  • Girl: May I come in, sir?
  • Librarian: Yes, come in, please.
  • Girl: Sir, I am preparing for a competitive exam in an administrative post. I want the required books from your library.
  • Librarian: First, you should be a member of this library. Please fill-up this form, and pay the deposit amount.
  • Girl: What is the deposit, sir?
  • Librarian: Two thousand rupees. You will get two books a week at home. Then you should return those books and take another two.
  • Girl: Ok, sir, I fill-up the form and pay the deposit now. Can I get them issued for a month?
  • Librarian: Yes, have you to get both the books issued at the same time?
  • Girl: Yes sir. I have to go through those thoroughly. Please issue me a membership card.
  • Librarian: This is your library membership card. Please sign the back of the card.
  • Girl: Okay. I have signed it.
  • Librarian: Please keep it safe. When you come to the library, bring it with you.
  • Girl: Yes, of course, sir. Can I get the books now?
  • Librarian: Yes, you can choose from the shelf, make entry of those books in the register with the issuing date.
  • Girl: Yes sir, in which shelf are the books? Today I want books in English literature.
  • Librarian: In the left corner, you can go and get the books you need.
  • Girl: Thank you, sir.


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