At the bank

A lady has to open an account in the bank. There is a discussion between a lady and a bank employee.

Have a look-

  • Lady: Excuse me. Which is the counter to open a new account?
  • Bank employee: Please go to the cabin in front of the inquiry desk.

(Lady goes to the cabin.)

  • Lady: May I come in, sir?
  • Bank officer: Yes, please. What can I do for you?
  • Lady: I want to open a savings account in this bank.
  • Bank officer: Oh sure, madam. Are you new to this bank?
  • Lady: Yes, I came here from Ahemadabad last week, but I have an account in the Surat branch.
  • Bank officer: Have you to transfer your account, or to open a new account here?
  • Lady: What will be suitable? I want it easier and faster.
  • Bank officer: Opening a new account is easier and faster, but we need a reference from someone known to the bank, that is, he should be an account holder of this bank.
  • Lady: Ok. No problem, my friend has an account in this bank. What is a minimum deposit for it?
  • Bank officer: You can open an ordinary savings account with a minimum deposit of five hundred rupees. But if you want a debit card and cheque book, it needs to deposit one thousand rupees.
  • Lady: How much time will it take to get the debit card?
  • Bank officer: It will take a week, and will be sent to your address mentioned in the form.
  • Lady: What is the rate of interest on a savings account?
  • Bank officer: Four percent per annum.
  • Lady: Has this branch ATM facility?
  • Bank officer: Yes, of course
  • Lady: What is the withdrawal limit a day?
  • Bank officer: Ten thousand rupees.
  • Lady: Nice. Please give me details for the account opening.
  • Bank officer: Ok. Here is a form. Please get the signature of your friend on this card, and this is for your specimen signature. Fill up this form and bring two passport size photos.
  • Lady: What documents should I submit?
  • Bank officer: You need to submit hard copies of address proof and ID proof.
  • Lady: Can I submit it tomorrow?
  • Bank officer: Yes, you can submit at any time on weekdays.
  • Lady: Okay sir, thank you so much
  • Bank officer: You are welcome.


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