First day at the college campus

Dorathi has taken admission for B.Sc. first year. Today is her first day on campus. There is some discussion on the campus.

Have a look-

Dorathi:  (to a boy) Excuse me, where is the notice board?

Boy:   Go to the left. It’s next to library.     

Dorathi:  Thank you very much.     

Dorathi:  (to her friend) Hi Sudha!     

Sudha:   Oh hi! You also took admission here?  

Dorathi:  Yes.                        

Sudha: Which subjects have you chosen?      

Dorathi:  Physics and Chemistry, and you?     

Sudha: I chose Chemistry and Biology.       

Dorathi:  It means we will be together for chemistry period.  

Sudha: Yes, obviously.

Dorathi:  Oh, I am very happy.    

Sudha: Me too. Oh, I forgot. Meet Sania.  

Dorathi:  Hi Sania!   

Sania: Hi, nice to meet you.  

Dorathi:  Me too. Which subjects have you taken?    

Sania:  I took English, English honors.     

Dorathi:  Oh nice, interesting subject.   

Sania:  I like English studies.

Dorathi: Sudha have you noted the timetable?  

Sudha: No, we both were going to note. 

Dorathi: Then let’s go together. 

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