To enquire about a patient

 Sometimes, our friend or relative gets sick.

At that time he is admitted to the hospital.

We enquire about him to the doctor and patient also.

Arun, a friend of Hemant is admitted to a hospital to cure dengue.

Hemant enquires about him to the doctor and speaks to Arun.


Have a look-

Hemant: ( to the doctor) Hello doctor. I am Hemant, friend of Arun. How is he now?

Doctor: Better than yesterday. I have given him some medicine.

Hemant: What is diagnosed?

Doctor: Blood is taken to check. I shall have a blood report and then I will come to know about his disease. Please can you collect it from the pathology lab?

Hemant: Yes, sure. (Hemant collects report and shows to doctor)

Doctor: ( doctor reads report ) He is diagnosed of dengue.

Hemant: Dengue! Dangerous disease!

Doctor: Don’t bother. We shall start medicine now.

Hemant: ( Hemant and doctor go to Arun) Arun,  you will feel better soon.

Doctor: Arun, Now  I shall inject you and you will feel better. (both go)

Hemant: Doctor, will he cure early?

Doctor: Yes he will cure early. We knew early about the disease so we could start proper medicine.

Hemant: What should I do now?

Doctor: Better bring these medicines and show me.

Hemant: ( brings medicine and shows to doctor) Tablets and syrup.

Doctor: First you feed him something and then give him one tablet and one spoonful of syrup now and at night.

Hemant: Yes of course.

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