Child’s admission in school

Nowadays child’s admission in school has become a great job.

Before an admission there is an interview of parents.

Have a look-

Mother: Good morning, Madam. 

Principal: Good morning. Have your seat please.

Mother: I am Rachana Shah. He is my husband, Gauraw Shah.

Principal: What do you do, Mr. Shah?

Father: I am manager in Axis bank.

Principal: What are your qualifications?

Father: Master degree in Commerce.  

Principal: And you, Mrs. Shah?   

Mother: I am lecturer in Bhavans College.  

Principal: Ok it means you are postgraduate, right?   

Mother: Yes, M. A. in English.   

Principal: Who teaches the child?  

Mother: We both, but mostly I teach him.  

Principal: How much time do you spend with him?  

Mother: I have morning shift so I come back at 2 o’clock. After that I stay with him.  

Principal: Very good. You are working lady and good mother also.  

Mother: Thank you for your compliment.  

Principal: Why do you want to admit him here?  

Mother: This school is reputed for studies. Besides, there are extracurricular activities also.  

Principal: Ok. Fill up the form, pay fee.  

Mother: Yes, thank you madam.  


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