Complaining about Mobile Phone

Sometimes, we purchase a gadget and very soon it doesn't work properly. A customer purchased a mobile. After few days, it stopped working. She goes to the customer care unit to complain about it. There is a discussion between a salesman and a customer.

Let’s have a look-

  • Salesman: Good morning, mam. How can I help you?
  • Customer: Good morning. I have a complaint about a mobile phone.
  • Salesman: Yes, please.
  • Customer: It doesn’t work properly.
  • Salesman: For how many days are you getting the problem?
  • Customer: I am getting problems for two days.
  • Salesman: Can you tell me the purchasing date of the mobile so that I can check the details?
  • Customer: I am a regular customer of your shop. I purchased this mobile on 5th March from your shop.
  • Salesman:  Yes, this is a new model. Let me see. What is the problem, mam?
  • Customer:  First thing, its screen doesn’t work. Its on-off button and a speaker also don’t work. The sound system is very irritating.
  • Salesman: Did the mobile fall down or spilled water on it?
  • Customer: No, not at all. I handle my gadgets very carefully.
  • Salesman: Do you have the receipt, please?
  • Customer: Yes, see this.
  • Salesman: Do you have a guarantee card with you?
  • Customer: Yes, a guarantee is for two years. I have a guarantee card with me.
  • Salesman: Alright, mam. Leave the mobile with us. I shall send it to the company’s workshop.
  • Customer: I am very disappointed. Can’t you refund the money?
  • Salesman: No, we can’t refund the money. We can change the piece.
  • Customer: I feel cheated to have such a defective mobile phone on spending twenty thousand rupees for it.
  • Salesman: No, mam, don’t think so. This mobile is of a reputed company. Sometimes, it happens. But you will get another piece, and you won’t get any chance to complain.
  • Customer: I hope so. I believe in you.
  • Salesman: We make the relations with our customers, mam.
  • Customer: Will it take a week or more?
  • Salesman: You will get a new piece within a week.
  • Customer: When should I come to receive it?
  • Salesman: Next week, on Saturday.
  • Customer: Ok, Thank you. But try to get it as soon as possible and let me know about it.
  • Salesman: Sure, we matter customer’s satisfaction.

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