Direct and Indirect


 There are some rules we should follow during the transformation of statements into indirect speech.

Remove comma which is after reporting verb and inverted comma.

A conjunction ‘that’ is used after reporting verb.

We have to change some words in indirect speech in place of words used in direct speech. Complete information is given in the course- Unlimited.


In indirect speech the word ‘told’ is used instead of ‘said’ and then about the denoted person.


1) Direct speech-She said to Sameer, “you are brave”.

    Indirect speech-She told Sameer that he was brave.  

2) Direct speech- Priya said, “Sheela, I am learning with you.”

  Indirect speech-Priya told Sheela that she was learning with her.  

3) Direct speech- Gauri said to Sneha, “I am beautiful”

    Indirect speech- Gauri told Sneha that she is beautiful.

4) Direct speech- Rahul said Prem,” The Sun rises  in the east”

    Indirect speech- Rahul told Prem  that Sun rises in the east.

5)  Direct speech-Sangeeta said, “I am studying.”

     Indirect speech-Sangeeta said that she was studying.

6) Direct speech-Ladies said, “We are cooking.” 

    Indirect speech-Ladies said that they were cooking.  


Universal truth is always told in simple present tense. You will get more information on this in the course- Unlimited.


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