Had: Questions about Completed Action

Formation of this sentence is as;

  • Had + subject + past participle of verb + other words + ?

Have a look-

  1. Had I arranged all the beads in a garland?
  2. Had he stood in front of her in the meeting?
  3. Had the inhabitants appeared to me?
  4. Had I already told them about this issue?
  5. Had you told me that the theatre was full?
  6. Had we gone the wrong way?
  7. Had she forgotten to bring her lunch?
  8. Had they paid too much for a single room in that hotel?
  9. Had a clutter of cats scared a snake on the ground?
  10. Had I set any rules for the students while working as a principal of a school?
  11. Had we visited our grandma last year’s vacation?
  12. Had they rented a car to visit a castle that is on a mountain?
  13. Had a cat caught four rats a day?
  14. Had you bought dinner for us?
  15. Had all teachers watched our performance?
  16. Had he flown to Britain?
  17. Had I competed in the English words competition?
  18. Had we done laundry last night?
  19. Had my friends waited for me to watch a movie?
  20. Had the maid cleaned the courtyard in front of our house?
  21. Had his brother taught him a lesson in English?
  22. Had he got a raise every year?
  23. Had he jumped from a bar yesterday morning?
  24. Had I gone to bed early last night?
  25. Had she lost all her money to cure the illness of her husband?
  26. Had she fed my kids?
  27. Had he worked at an architectural firm for two years?
  28. Had you sustained all the pains?
  29. Had she kept me waiting for an hour?
  30. Had I started my business from my home?