Have/Has: Negative Sentences about a Completed Action

Have/ Has is used to explain actions not completed in the present.

The formation of this sentence is as;

  • Subject + haven’t/hasn't + past participle of verb + other words.
  • Subject + shall not have/will not have + past participle of verb + other words.

Have a look-

  1. I haven’t submitted all the documents to the office.
  2. We haven’t complained about the water scarcity at the building.
  3. I haven’t come here to ask your pardon.
  4. You haven’t taken your luggage with you.
  5. The people haven’t gathered together to oppose the company rules.
  6. A herd of antelope hasn’t seen us hiding by the tree.
  7. A litter of cubs hasn’t seen a lioness hunting an animal.
  8. They haven’t played football on the ground in the rain.
  9. I haven’t spent most of my time in Mumbai.
  10. They haven’t called me on the occasion of a party.
  11. I shall not have completed my work within time.
  12. We shall not have washed all our clothes tomorrow.
  13. He will not have caught a thief next week.
  14. I shall not have created a grammar website.
  15. They will not have thrown a party of success.
  16. A teacher will not have sent you the homework by email.
  17. She will not have called him for asking his help.
  18. You will not have come to meet me at my home.
  19. He hasn’t done well in his exams.
  20. She hasn’t traveled the entire world.
  21. John hasn’t born in 2020 at the BMC hospital.
  22. She hasn’t heard about that scheme of investment.
  23. Ravina hasn’t adopted two girls.
  24. A tiger hasn’t hunted a deer.
  25. She hasn’t solved so many difficulties during her work period.
  26. He hasn’t applied for the job of medical officer at the railway hospital.
  27. She hasn’t seen a ghost at the corner of a building.
  28. Krishna hasn’t collected so many postage stamps.
  29. My mother hasn’t made a cake for my birthday party.
  30. She hasn’t spent her holidays with her family.