Job Interview

 There is an interview for a post of teacher. Secretary of an education society is taking an interview.

Have a look-

Candidate: May I come in sir?

Secretary: Yes please.

Candidate: Good morning sir.

Secretary: Good morning. Have your seat please.

Candidate: Thank you.

Secretary: Your name, please.

Candidate: Neena Gupta.

Secretary: You have applied for the post of mathematics teacher, right?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Secretary: What are your qualifications?

Candidate: I am  B. Sc,  B. Ed. and  have teaching experience of five years

Secretary: Where had you taught?

Candidate: I have been teaching in Sayali Secondary School.

Secretary: Have you resigned?

Candidate: No, not yet but I have to leave it.

Secretary: Why?

Candidate: The place is very far from my house. Besides, the salary is not enough.

Secretary: What is your present salary?

Candidate: Twenty thousand rupees per month.

Secretary: What salary do you expect?  

 Candidate: Thirty thousand  

Secretary: All right. We shall let you know soon.

Candidate: Ok. Thank you.


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