Prepositions related to place



Preposition is a word which gives relation to noun.

Some prepositions are used with the place.

Have a look-

  1. That glass is on the top.                                          
  2. The book is on the table.                                         
  3. There is red colour on the wall.                             
  4. This room is a part of the bungalow.                     
  5. Saurabh is in the room.                                           
  6. He bathes in the pool.                                             
  7. Mother sat in the armchair.                                   
  8. Maharashtra is in India.                                           
  9. This region is a part of North India.                       
  10. Go by the staircase of that building.                      
  11. I am standing at the window.                                 
  12. He will see you at school.                                       
  13. Officer is at the office.                                             
  14. She was looking at the house.                               
  15. Pour some lemonade into the glass.                      
  16. Soha rushed into the room.                                     
  17. She went into her class.                                           
  18. He fed the CD into CD drive.                                     
  19. Content was translated from English into French. 


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