Prepositions related to time


More use  of prepositions related to time is given here.

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  1. I shall complete my work by next Monday.               
  2. He will tell me by next Saturday.                                 
  3. I will be there by three o’clock.                                           
  4. I have been teaching since nineteen ninety nine .                                 
  5. She has been living here since year two thousand.                           
  6. I have been waiting for you since yesterday.             
  7. She called me around two o’clock.                                   
  8. Sam reached there around eleven o’clock.                       
  9. Bell rang around ten o’clock.                                         
  10. She will tell me till tomorrow.                                     
  11. Mariyana will stay here till Monday.                           
  12. Shop is open till Thursday.                                           
  13. It was raining till yesterday.                                         
  14. Swapnali didn't come yet.                                             
  15. She resigned after her marriage.                                 
  16. There was silence after funeral.                                   
  17. She painted it after sketching.                                     
  18. He met her after his marriage.                                     



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