Course Information and Prices

Features of the course

  • There are 72 parts to this course. Each part has 4 sections
  • This course has three divisions- Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • The Basic course is created to let students listen, understand, learn, pronounce, speak correctly, and evaluate easily.
  • The Intermediate course is created to let students think, construct sentences, describe things correctly, and participate in a conversation with self-confidence.
  • The Advanced course is created to let students know the advanced level of constructing sentences, to speak fluently by using a higher level of glossary and speaking skills, and to make them feel confident to become successful.  

English Speaking Course in Marathi

GrammarKnow the advanced level of construction of sentences
Vocabulary Higher level of word power
DiscussionHigher level of speaking skills
Marathi translationFeel confident to become successful
Exercises Assess yourself
Total lessons+ exercisesMore than 400- Basic + Intermediate + Advanced
Audio files 10000+ to listen and practice
Duration6 months
PriceGet the course worth Rs 4000/-
only for Rs 999/-