Questions with ‘what’ in simple tense


Some words are used to ask questions.

The word ‘what’ is used to ask about things and persons.

Here are some sentences in Simple Present Tense.

Have a look-

  1. What is your name?                                           
  2. What is your father?                                          
  3. What are you?                                                    
  4. What is it?                                                           
  5. What do you do?                                                
  6. What does she write?                                        


Sentences in Simple Past Tense

  1. What was her mother?                                         
  2. What was that?                                                     
  3. What did I do?                                                       
  4. What did you tell?                                                 
  5. What did she write?                                             
  6. What did they write?                                            


Sentences in Simple Future Tense

  1. What shall I do?                                               
  2. What will be there?                                         
  3. What will you tell?                                           
  4. What will she write?                                        
  5. What will he eat?                                              
  6. What will they write?                                       


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