Sentence-Subject and Predicate


When we speak, we make a sentence to convey us to others.

When we make a sentence we explain about some person or thing.

It means we speak about something and say something about that person or thing.

Every sentence has two parts-

1-    The part about what we speak.

This is called the Subject of the sentence.

2-    The part which is explained about the Subject.

This is called the Predicate of the sentence.

Subject of a sentence always comes first.

In Imperative sentences subject is omitted.

Here some sentences are given .Subjects and Predicates are separated by colours.

Have a look-

Subject             Predicate

  • I                  called him.                                  
  • You            went there.                                 
  • She             kept the bag.                             
  • He              returned back.                           
  • Hanna        is upset.                                       
  • Thomas     is happy.                                       
  • Discussion turned into quarrel.                   
  • They          stepped down.                             
  •                 know her.                                     
  • Birds          build nests.                                 
  • It                is hard.                                         
  • She            told me.                                       
  • Gordon     shouted loudly.                           
  • He             is playing.                                     
  • They         are waiting.                                   


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