Speaking with the guest

Sometimes a guest comes to our house and we have to entertain the guest. Here is a discussion.

Have a look-

Host:  Oh welcome! Please come in. Allow me to carry luggage. 

Guest: No, no it’s alright. Thanks a lot.  

Host:  Have a seat. Be comfortable. How are you?     

Guest: I am fine and you?            

Host:  Good, how is the family?      

Guest: Everybody is ok.                   

Host:  How was your journey?         

Guest: Comfortable. I took sleeping coach.      

Host: What would you like to have, tea or coffee? 

Guest: First I would like to have bath.                      

Host:  Yes of course, here is the bathroom. Take hot water from geyser.

Guest:  Ok.                                                

Host:  If you need anything, call me.     

Guest: No, I don’t need anything now.    

Host:  Would you like to have potato paratha for breakfast?   

Guest: Yes, I like it.                         

Host:  Have it, please.                   

Guest: Thank you.                     

 Host: This is curd, if you like. And have some butter.   

Guest: Yes, I like curd but I avoid butter.               

Host: Ok, as your wish.                                    

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