Use of let


Let is a main verb. It is used in sentences of suggestive type. In our life, we have to speak to suggest something to others. Here, we shall see how the word ‘let’ is used in such type of sentences.

Have a look-

  1. Let us learn. 

  2. Let us play in the ground. 

  3. Let him eat big chocolate.    

  4. Let her go to see dance program.    

  5. Let them watch a movie.  

  6. Let them open the door.  

                         Let is used as an  auxiliary verb to change the imperative sentence into passive voice.

7. Let the cat drink milk.  

Passive voice: Let the milk be drunk by the cat.   

8. Open the door. 

Passive voice; Let the door be opened.        

9. Answer the question.   

Passive voice: Let the question be answered.  

10. Let them discuss this topic.   

Passive voice: Let this topic be discussed by them. 

11.Let  her draw a picture.   

Passive voice: Let a picture be drawn by her.  


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