Use of may and might

See how ‘may’ and ‘might’ are used.

Have a look-

  • ‘May’ is used to ask for permission.

May I come in, sir?                  

May we go now?                     

May they play in the ground?

May I tell you?                              


  • ‘May’ is used to show uncertainty.

It may rain.                                    

They may go.                               

You may like it.                            

They may discuss about this.


  • ‘May’ is used to express good wishes.

May God bless you!                  

May you live long!                      


  • ‘May’ is used for the meaning of ‘can’

You may go.                                          

They may talk about this chapter.


  • ‘Might’ is the past tense of may.

Might’ is used to show more uncertainty.

It might rain.                                                        

They might go.                                                 


  • Sometimes ‘might’ is used to request in present tense.

Might I use your pen?                                      

 Might you carry my bag?                                   

Might I take this bag?                                          


  • Sometimes ‘might’ is used to show possibility in future.

It might rain on tomorrow.                                  

She might visit after two days.                          

They might appear for the exam next year.


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