Birthday Party

There is a birthday party of John.

His friends are invited to the party.

All his friends gathered together.

There is a conversation between them.

Have a look-

  1. Ritesh: (offering a gift to him) Happy birthday John 
  2. John: Thank you very much.
  3. John’s Mom: (while serving the cold drink to the guests) Children! have cold drinks.
  4. John: Mom, all my friends have come.
  5. Mom: Ok. Call your Papa and all your friends to the table.
  6. John: Everybody, please come to the table.
  7. Mom: John, come here. Here is a knife. Cut the cake.
    (John cuts the cake. All sing ‘happy birthday to you’)
  8. John’s Papa: (Papa feeds him a piece of cake.) Have a bite.
  9. Mom: Very nice! Now give me a knife to make pieces.
  10. John: Yes, Mom, I shall serve the pieces to everybody.
  11. Papa: Serve them snacks and water also.
  12. John: Yes, Papa.
  13. Papa: (after eating) Children, have fun. What would you like to play?
  14. Child: Snake and ladder
  15. Papa: Nice game! You will have a lot of fun.
  16. John: Papa, give us a dice.
  17. Papa: Yes, take this.
    (Children play. Now it is time to go.)
  18. Child: Thank you, uncle. We had a lot of fun.
  19. Papa: Ok, my child, bye
  20. Children: Bye! 

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