Lessons of the course- Advanced

Part 61-

Grammar- Transformation of tenses        

Vocabulary-Words for diseases

Discussion-To enquire about a patient      

 Homework – Homework for part-61

Part 62-

Grammar- Active voice and passive voice  

Vocabulary-Persons related to hospitals

Discussion-Teacher and students

 Homework – Homework for part-62

Part 63-

Grammar- Use of may’ and ‘might   

Vocabulary-Persons related to art

Discussion- Selling                              

 Homework – Homework for part-63

Part 64-

Grammar- Use of ‘can’   

Vocabulary-Words related to literature

Discussion-   Job interview

 Homework – Homework for part-64

Part 65-

Grammar- Use of ‘could’   

Vocabulary- Words pertaining to dresses

Discussion- Child’s admission in school      

 Homework – Homework for part-65

Part 66-

Grammar- Use of ‘should’   

Vocabulary- Words pertaining to medicine

Discussion- Complaining about mobile

 Homework – Homework for part-66

Part 67-

Grammar- Use of ‘would’    

Vocabulary- Places where things are kept

Discussion-Birthday Party    

 Homework – Homework for part-67

Part 68-

Grammar- Use of ‘must

Vocabulary- Body parts

Discussion-  About careers

 Homework – Homework for part-68

Part 69-                                        

Grammar- Use of ‘let

Vocabulary-  Body conditions

Discussion-With the Property dealer  

 Homework – Homework for part-69

Part 70-

Grammar- Degrees of comparison    

Vocabulary-  Words for cosmetics

Discussion-At the bank

 Homework – Homework for part-70

Part 71-

Grammar- Formation of degrees     

Vocabulary-  Occupations

Discussion-At the library

 Homework – Homework for part-71

Part 72-

Grammar- Direct and indirect   

Vocabulary- Idiomaticcomparisons

Discussion- Taking and giving permission

 Homework – Homework for part-72